Sigfox Maker´s Workshop

These workshops are specifically made for makers, IoT startups, developers, and tech lovers.

The workshops will enable you to start your project with Sigfox.

You may choose the session that fits your skills and experience better.

Beginners session- Introduction to Sigfox 10:30AM - 12:00PM

Overview of the Sigfox end-to-end service, and first steps with a demo board. Send your first messages on the network, check them on the platform & trigger a basic notification.


You need to have an engineering background in telecom, embedded software and/or cloud.

Advanced session - Sigfox advanced 13:00PM - 14:30PM & 15:30PM - 17:00PM

We have just filled the capacity of the workshop. Do not hesitate to ask about free workshop places at the Expo though.

Learn more about the Sigfox Cloud services, to get the more out of your Sigfox devices: Callbacks advanced settings, geolocation service, downlink sequences, event monitoring, etc.


You already used a Sigfox development kit and want to get into more details.

Each workshop has limited attendance of 40 people.

Discover more about the SIGFOX technology here.

Sign up for a morning or an aftenoon workshop session during your ticket registration.