Ch. I. – Introductory Provisions

1. These terms and conditions are issued by the company SimpleCell Europe s.r.o., residence Na Pankráci 30, 140 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic, ICO: 050 85 926 recorded in the commercial register at the City court in Prague (hereinafter referred to as “SimpleCell Europe").

2. These terms and conditions form an integral part of the purchase agreement between SimpleCell Europe as the seller and a third party as the buyer (hereinafter referred to as “purchase agreement"). The purchase agreement concerns the sale of tickets to the Sigfox World Iot Expo 2017 event organized by the company SimpleCell Europe, to be held on the 25.9. and 26.9. 2017 in Prague. (hereinafter referred to as the “Conference").

3. These terms and conditions specify the rights and responsibilities of SimpleCell Europe as the seller and a third party as the buyer concerning selling tickets for the Conference.

Ch. II. – Copyright and responsibility for the content of contributions

1. All conference and promotional materials, and contributions, that will be presented on the Conference, are protected as copyright works as defined by provision § 2 act no. 121/2000 Coll., copyright act, as subsequently amended (hereinafter referred to as “copyright law"). It prohibits its dissemination or its provision to any third party without the author’s explicit permission.

2. The buyer accepts that any information or contributions from the participants of the Conference does not necessarily reflect the opinions or recommendations of SimpleCell Europe as the organizer of the Conference.

3. The buyer accepts that the authors contributions on the Conference expresses their opinions on the given question, and the acceptance of the presented ideas and opinions by the buyer is a purely personal matter. The buyer accepts that that the authors of the contributions on the Conference do not take responsibility for their contents. The presented information is only a recommendation and is an expression of the authors' opinion on issues, that concern the subject of their contributions.

Ch. III. – Subject of purchase

1. The purchase agreement concerns the purchase of tickets to the Conference held on 25.-26.9. 2017 in Prague, to be done via the website http://www.world-iot-expo.com. There are four types of registration on offer:

  • 1. Standard ticket – includes a full day pass to the Conference and expo on 26.9.2017, conference and promotional materials (see on http://www.world-iot-expo.com under the Registration portion).
  • 2. Discounted ticket for holders of ISIC / ITIC / ALIVE cards (see on http://www.world-iot-expo.com under the Registration portion).
  • 3. Journalist ticket (see on http://www.world-iot-expo.com under the Registration portion).
  • 4. Exhibitor ticket – includes a two-day pass for the Conference and expo 25.-26.9.2017 and an exhibitor package (see on http://www.world-iot-expo.com under the Registration portion).

Ch. IV. – Fulfillment of the order

1. The buyer, by concluding the purchase agreement for the Conference, confirms that they are familiar with all information relating to the Conference published on the website http://www.world-iot-expo.com.

2. The buyer books tickets of their choice by completing an electronic form for the order (resp. registration) on the website http://www.world-iot-expo.com.

3. The buyer is obligated to fill in the order (resp. registration) truthfully and fully, and before sending, review and in the eventuality, fix the entered data.

4. Concluding the purchase agreement results in the instantaneous sending of an order confirmation receipt from SimpleCell Europe to the buyer. The confirmation will be sent to the buyer’s electronic mail address (email) as indicated in their order (registration).

5. By sending the order confirmation to SimpleCell Europe the buyer's purchase agreement is concluded, and it becomes legally binding for both SimpleCell Europe and the buyer. The buyer’s and SimpleCell Europe’s mutual rights and responsibilities are formed on the basis of the purchase agreement.

6. SimpleCell Europe agrees, on the basis of purchase agreement, to send the buyer the corresponding number of tickets to the Conference, and to their electronic mail address (email) as indicated in their order (resp. registration). The buyer, by concluding the purchase agreement, agrees to pay the purchase price.

7. By sending the order (resp. registration) the buyer confirms that they have reviewed the terms and conditions.

8. SimpleCell Europe warns that the purchased tickets to the Conference are nonrefundable. This provision is not affected by chapter VI. of the terms and conditions.

9. A ticket is given to every participant who has paid in full their purchase price. A ticket in PDF form will be sent to the participants email several days before the event. This ticket provides entrance to the Conference.

Ch. V. – Purchase price and payment terms

1. The purchase price of the ticket to the Conference is stated on the order form found on the website http://www.world-iot-expo.com.

2. The total purchase price must be paid by the buyer in one lump sum, SimpleCell Europe does not provide the possibility to pay the purchase price in installments.

3. The buyer is entitled to choose a payment method for the purchase price, either via online bankcard or bank transfer.

SimpleCell Europe accepts payments via online bankcards VISA, VISA electron, MasterCard, Maestro. SimpleCell Europe accepts payments via bank transfer via the “bank button" from the following banks: Raiffeisen BANK, Fio, KB, ČSOB, mBank and Volksbank. SimpleCell Europe also accepts payments via bank transfer from other banks. The buyer is always obligated to choose which exact method they will pay the purchase price. In any case the purchase price is considered paid at the moment the funds are credited to the seller’s bank account.

5. The payment methods are connected to the payment gate provide by the company PayU S.A., which provides secure technology for accepting bankcards and online bank transfers. Bankcard numbers and passwords for electronic banking are entered through the secure and trusted channels provided by PayU S.A.

6. On the basis of concluding the purchase agreement the seller issues to the buyer tax document – invoice contains all legal requirements. The invoice will be sent to the buyer on their electronic address as stated in the order, immediately after the sellers receives payment of the purchased tickets.

7. Seller is the payer of value added tax. All stated prices are without VAT. Invoices outside of the CZ will be stated in accordance with applicable statutes and whether the foreign entity is or is not a VAT payer in their country.

Ch. VI – Final Provisions

1. The conditions protecting privacy the buyers as participants in the Conference are covered in a separate document which is an integral part purchase agreement.

2. The contractual relationship between SimpleCell Europe as the seller and a third party as the is defined by the order sent by the buyer to the website http://www.world-iot-expo.com, these terms and conditions, and the conditions protecting privacy and processing of personal data. Questions, which are not defined in the aforementioned documents, are governed by the Czech legal code.

3. These terms and conditions come into effect on 1.3.2017 are governed by all contracts concerning the sale of tickets for the Conference concluded since this date.

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